Band Made Out Of Sand

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Twenty-two citrus fruits. A chain letter in Danish. A livestreamed funeral. With ultra-specific details and flashes of deadpan humour, Matching Outfits relates tales of dissolving friendships, lost loved ones and insurmountable distances – between childhood and adulthood, summer and winter, Germany and rural Sweden.

At the heart of Matching Outfits is singer and keyboardist Linnea Mårtensson (formerly of duo Featherweights), who merges wistful indie pop with a playful DIY ethos that’s further brought to the fore by bandmates Rachel Glassberg (drums/guitar) and Leah Corper (bass). Call-and-response vocals that convene into three-part harmonies, shout-along choruses, saxophone breakouts: whether on album or in their live shows, you never really know what to expect.

Linnea Mårtensson: lead vocals, keys, saxophone, drums
Rachel Glassberg: backing vocals, electric guitar, drums
Leah Corper: backing vocals, bass

Limited edition of 100 pink C40, all had-dubbed, cover artwork by Andrew Kemp. It comes with lyrics insert and download code.