Wish Upon A Star

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After releasing her EP “Shadow Play” released on digital in 2021, NIna/Lost Luna crafted her second album “Wish upon a star” again using her D.I.Y. home studio. 7 tracks that transport effortless into her own world, joyful and dark, melancholic and defiant. Backed with heavily distorted guitars, programmed beats, and the occasional guitarlele, the songs tell stories of longing for quietness, collecting memories, the mental impact of the pandemic, the feminist fights and even some dreams of revenge,

Lost Luna is the solo music project of Nina Zina (guitarist in Lavender Witch and Vagina Dentata) from Belgium. Lost Luna has been home-recording for over 20 years, always with whatever lo-fi equipment was on hand and with a DIY attitude. Inspired by 90s alternative rock and riot grrrl bands as well as more contemporary DIY music, she continues to turn her room into an improvised mini studio.

Limited edition polar white C30, hand dubbed, with silver glitter case. Cover artwork by Andrew Kemp.