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Glanzhaut – beneath Glenn including Dj Heaven – has been the undisputed number 2 post-post punk rock band around here.
The after a grade of briquets named band Glanzhaut, sounds with crisp guitars, very ordinary, nasty lyrics and a plain bass sound, which generates the beats of the drum machines – dark, minimal dance rock, put together with rough niceness and an atmosphere of diffuse mixed feelings, carried of dubmusic and triste romance.
Since then the debate of German dreams and the nightmare are part of the duos lyrics. Glanzhaut don t want to shy away from confrontation, with in the naughty years, mostly uncomprehending audience.
Ten years after we have the compilation of three previous albums, now on Katzensonne for the first time on vinyl.

A1. S – Hit
A2. Ninja
A3. American Angel
B1. Risiko
B2. Holonight
B3. Constanze ’77