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“Jacktone is no stranger to concept albums (Lavender’s “Mystique Youth” and “Horizons Beneath the Surface”), but with burnet207’s “Inter”, spread across 20 tracks, we enter a digital soundtrack of VR prototypes and fragmented motion, navigating a computerized world on a gridded map made of restrictive algorithms.

“My immediate reaction upon first listen: Oh, this sounds like Drexciya or Kraftwerk. (Which is about as fine an initial reaction as one could ask for, as most seasoned techno fans would concur.) Inter possesses an elemental simplicity in its sound design that places it firmly within the pantheon of these archetypical techno greats.” – SF Weekly

“Its intention was…to stimulate and challenge the listener with the whole; the sounds are sterile but warm, the grooves are repetitive but catchy, the image is simple but complex, all pulsating with geometric precision, sincerity and audible love of a good electro bleep. As emotional as it is confrontational – the duality of it, the enthusiastic pupil and the strict teacher.” – AltVenger

Calling to mind stripped-back 80s EBM, early industrial (Portion Control, Front 242, Chris & Cosey), classic electro, and even Kraftwerk computer music, burnet207 used minimal gear and effects processing to create the fascinating world of “Inter”, where all track lengths and tempos are equal, titles denote units of measurement and visuals are based on robot and machine catalogs.”

Mastered by Ben Versluis.
Artwork by burnet207 & Darren Cutlip.