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“ONRUST is Dutch for unrest, turmoil, agitation, disquiet.

Wendy Mulder, the sole member of ONRUST has been successfully exploring the wondrous world of analogue synths, drum machines, strange pedals and cable spaghetti for a while now. She describes her music as spherical electronic industrial but that just doesn’t do her work justice. Think of a hypnotic yet minimal and old-school sounding mixture of ORPHX, ESPLENDOR GEOMETRICO and PAN SONIC instead, combining cold industrial beats with a distinct feminine subtlety and attention for detail.

‘Tagore/Luthuli’ is her first vinyl release, after having released the 3” cdr ‘Nelson/Marquez’ (Usain Bolt Records) and a split tape with Belgian droner MONNIK (Wool-E Tapes/Consouling Sounds) and having been featured on 2 compilations.

Musically, the two tracks presented here are a logical continuation from her previous work. ‘Tagore’ is a brand new track, while ‘Luthuli’ was already featured on the split tape with Monnik. Luthuli has since been re-recorded and is presented here in its full glory.

As a bonus, three Belgian artists were invited to remix tracks of their choice. ANUS NOCTURNUM, aka the modular madman from Izegem, turned ‘Tagore’ into a hypnotizing industrial monster track, combined with poetry by Rabindranath Tagore. Brussels-based industrial techno duo ORPHAN SWORDS provided a highly psychedelic interpretation of ‘Tagore’. Belgian dark techno producer NOSEDA chose to remix ‘Hesse’, which resulted in a moody and haunting mid-paced track that deserves to be included in many DJ-sets.

This new release was presented at the prestigious BOZAR ELECTRONIC ARTS FESTIVAL in Brussels, which only proves that ONRUST is an artist on the rise.

Keep your eyes peeled, ONRUST is going to be big.”