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“We’re excited to announce our latest release and first vinyl of the year: a 5-track EP titled Channel from rising house producer, Loren Steele.

The EP from San Francisco-based Steele is comprised of four original tracks, plus a sprawling psychedelic remix from Mathematics/100% Silk/Jacktone veteran, Roche. Not only are the tracks ready to weave into that perfect spot in the night, but, they’re also earworms – brimming with lush grooves and melodies. The clean production and arrangement, featuring push / pull percussion, perfectly-placed pads, stabs and filters washing over propulsive basslines and percussion, locks in a warm yet hands-in-the-air vibe. The Roche remix of Swimma draws out the groove, expands on the percussion and adds some of that weird, hazy Bay fog. The tracks were recorded live in single takes with little post production processing, giving them a kinetic feel that can’t be reproduced.

The EP has been given early support from Octo Octa on Beats in Space and Shawn Reynaldo on First Floor Radio & RBMA.

Channel was produced with creative feedback and workshopping from both Cherushii and Nackt, whom were lost in the Oakland fire. The EP is released and dedicated to their memory.

Loren Steele is a San Francisco-based producer and multi-instrumentalist. As a bassist, DJ and a solo live PA artist, he has performed at Bay Area institutions, Haceteria, OK Hole, Psychic Friends, Run the Length of your Wildness, Space Gallery, Public Works, and Underground SF. He has releases on Wolf and Lamb Music, Run the Length of your Wildness, BOB recordings, and Channel is his first vinyl 12″.”

Vinyl Mastering: Dietrich Schoenemann.
Digital Mastering: Matt Tammariello.