Moments 002

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That night, we answered a regular call, something about crazy loud noises coming out from a basement. While driving to the area all I could think when I first heard the bass stomping was: “man, whatever, this doesn’t even sound like music to me.” And we were at least a 100 meter away from the source of the sound. When we got there, after knocking several times on the door, we decided we had more than enough probable causes to bust in. After a warning, we kicked the door open. What we saw inside was a five feet tall woman jumping around in that cacophony. We screamed and she ignored us, my colleague then panicked and shot her with his Taser several times – she then simply pulled the probes out of her body shouting MOMENTS MOMENTS – and continued to jump around.

A1. I/Y “Bellwether”
A2. Christopher Joseph “The Key”
B1. Stanislav Tolkachev “Don’t Be Surprised”
B2. Irakli “Walk Over”