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Tracks: the carneval of disorientation (decay16) the greater you, where do you go? (decay13) the holy book of evil (decay23) driving my car (decay26) down the time, up the space (decay1002) i thought you build no wall (decay25_2) sitting up here wondering why! (decay17) opiumhole excerpt from the past (decay19001) the gate to a free world (decay001) decaybunch in a fck wineyard (decay29) show some respect (decay2202) where is the snare? (decay27) free palestina! (decay24_004)

LFD.13-10 | smsVR44 MC01: arranged, composed, produced & played by trackscan for the stubenmusic studio 2013 between 13/06 & 13/09 in graz/austria; tapemastering by the darkforce in the turtlesoup studios/london; (p) printschler josef-matthias, stuttgart/germany 2014; 123 limited & hand numbered pieces