Anish Music Caravan

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“The first release from Band Ane in five years was developed in hear hide-out in the thickets of Rold Skov, Denmark. There Ane has built a remarkable space that lets her creative imagination flow freely. Four harmoniums inhabit a large organ room, the attic holds a huge table with innumerable instrument and sound sources of the most varied kind, a sound archive with loads of analogue tapes, old lacquer discs, newer vinyl – a rich space that propels the imagination in any direction you may want!

And to collect and give shape to her ideas, Ane has made a cabin up in between the branches of a birch tree. There she sits and give mental shape to her many inspirations, allowing them to slowly seep down into fully developed compositions that find their way into the tracks of Anish Music Caravan.

Space has always been a strong source of inspiration for Ane, and the present release has in part been inspired by abandoned buildings. A particular such space was an abandoned courthouse in the Danish countryside. Imagining all the many and varied destinies that must have passed by would evoke many feeling that lend themselves to musical expression – only interrupted by a stray bird that would be in dire need of help to get back out, into the symbolic and very reel freedom.

All compositions by Band Ane.
Produced 2012-2014.
Mastering by Kassian Troyer.
Laquer cut by Arnold Kasar.

Ane performed on and with piano, guitar, zither, saxophone, bells, Nord Lead, computer, analogue tape, AM radio, record player, hearing aid, dictaphone, clocks, tools, motorcycle, cart, birds, frogs, insects, rain, snow, ice, books, leaves, trees, fences, trains, shoelaces, boats, and pans and pots…

Cover artwork by Christoph Teuchtler.
Layout by Peitersen & Westrup.”