Turnaround Soundtrack

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“Finally la soundtrack inspired by Celine Keller ‘s comic movie Turnaround will be released in form of a nice journey from easy-listening to Cologne-style house music, produced by Panamaformat’s mastermind Holger Fath-Tati. Aside from being the vocalist of this German electropop band, Holger is also out for good concerning pure loungy electronics. There is bleeps, sci-fi sounds, hi-hats, light bass…actually all you need for a chilled evening and a cup of hot green tea. Turnaround is the soundtrack to a Jamie Hernandez-style comic-movie by Celine Keller, which has had good reviews in German magazines and newspapers. The movie has been released in DVD format on Raum für Projektion. The title track is sung by Celine, who is also acting as background singer for Justus Köhncke’s live band.”