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“Born in Hiroshima Shimamurakentaro established the band Datum in 1999. Right from its start, this band did not commit itself to any kind of musical genre. In 2001 the self made album The Instrument Is Mightier Than The Pen had seen release, whereupon participation on a compilation followed. After Datum suspended its work in 2002, Shimamurakentaro started with his solo-career. He has remixed Black Bird for Kashiwa Daisuke´s band Yodaka for a single in 2003. This remix has been very well received by the fans of postrock and electronic music, whereby this success, which is also very signifying for Yodaka itself, is a conversation topic up until present day. Shimamurakentaro´s musical worlds are created out of a huge source of guitar sounds and its combination with computed noises and filters. It is natural sights like the blossoming green of spring or a summery field of trees that inspire him to his music. Recognising the truly essential things of daily routine and not to consider the ordinary daily grind as too self-evident – to express such topics by means of his music is the self-declared aim of Shimamurakentaro.”