Music Mathematics Magic

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“Elixir’s first album, THE PHOBOS INCIDENT, filtered enough globetrotting and style-hopping sampled accents into the downtempo formula to keep things eclectic. MUSIC MATHEMATICS MAGIC, the second set from Steve Jones, Richard Pushong, and Martin Stovey, upholds Elixir’s “any sample is permissible” credo. But Elixir doesn’t just borrow. This is appropriation with full intent to create. Even when the sampled sources are obvious, Elixir’s ends justify the crew’s sticky-fingered means. Besides, a copyright lawyer would go mad trying to dissect Elixir’s intricate constructions. Better to just enjoy and let the music move you.

MUSIC MATHEMATICS MAGIC is all about clever mixing and matching, as Elixir pairs strings, STAR TREK sound FX, and quirky instrumental allusions with rugged breakbeats and basslines. “True Blue Honey” gets surprisingly funky mileage out of the radio standard “Love is Blue,” and a dash of hip-hop scratch heroics. The anxious trumpet volleys of “Electro Cowboy” anticipate a high-noon showdown under Mercury’s crimson moons. Back on Earth, a Balkan accordionist gets caught up in big-beat bluster (“Create a Confusion”), synths and strings sweep through glittering opera houses, and a marauding squadron of bio-engineered locusts strikes “Terror in Bogota”.”