The Shed Record

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Co-founder and co-owner of Lucky Kitchen.

“Known from the duo Alejandra &Underwood, founder members of the Lucky Kitchen label and their release on Audioview. Aeron, a.k.a. Underwood, goes solo in sound here, but the artwork is again from the hands of Sandra & Aeron. Home and travelogue recordists who would prefer to describe their work as ‘electronic folk music’, Lucky Kitchen whilst analysing the tyrannies and controls imposed upon us all in our day to day existence, explore the freedom, joys and diversity of the network of anti-discipline? inherent in the self same arena of everyday life,’ applying their unique musical vision to the moments that make life so special, from Sandra’s childhood tape experiments to Aeron’s ruminations on his grandmother’s shed in Michigan. These non-contemporaneous elements take form as The Shed Album, the complete overall design produced by Aeron and Sandra in collaboration with an old school family Spanish printing house, on old machines by hand crank, resulting in unique disparity between each sleeve. Overall, Aeron says, The Shed Album is a vain and passionate attempt at a documentary, because documentary does not exist, but there we are.”