The Psychedelic Mochi-Case

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this is a tribute to, and a celebration of non-standard electronic music. think of Suicide’s ghost rider,
the unique universe of Coil, the sublimity of Detroit’s techno sound with an obvious fascination for Asian Kung-Fu/Love/Saber movies, and John Carpenter’s obsessed musical anthems [remember the ultra-classic Halloween?]. very mash’ta is a unique universe working as an interface placed in between the constant overflow of information surrounding us, and everyone’s mind, reshaping our environment through filters and techniques belonging to electronic music’s history and culture. no descriptions allowed,
check by yourself !
the project very mash’ta is an adventure that started as a 28 minutes track composed for a radio broadcast throughout Brussels 2000’s opening day. it is a piece based mostly on sounds provided by Distorted Media’s sound database [Brussels 2000 radio project]. most of these sounds are anonymous field recordings or abstract soundscapes: voices, steps, conversations, laughter, supermarket atmospheres, drops of water banging on metal, conversations stolen by way of a scanner, etc. all of these elements were reshaped in order to fit the global envy: to create a unique soundtrack of the conceptual;
to recompose these urban spheres.
but as the project took form, new elements were rapidly added. this included minimal electronic touches, samples crudely ext