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“Now, five of the most prominent producers have remixed Kashiwa Daisuke´s famous title track from his debut album for the upcoming remix collection CD april.#07 (April Dot Sharp Zero Seven). Among these five producers Daisuke himself is part of the remix project. Having contributed two of the remixes himself, this project has been compiled with remixes by DJ Olive Oil, Takeshi Nishimoto, Lem, and Jean-Michel. Unexpectedly, there is a trifling rule to these gorgeous remixers. This is the link between Berlin and Fukuoka, which is the first Mecca of music-cities inside Japan.

DJ Olive Oil is well-known for his unit called El-Nino together with MC Freeze, and further for Solar One with which he has released his album Wholam? on Romz which is a big underground hit and with the name Olive Oil he is releasing the album Full Of Special Memories.
With him continuing with a nowhere existing underground music, and a lot of mix-CDs, presently and particularly in the underground scene there is no one who has not heard of DJ Olive Oil. He is a Fukuoka resident artist.

Takeshi Nishimoto is world-famous for the collaboration I´m Not A Gun with L.A.´s John Tejada, who is managing a variety of projects with techno artists worldwide. Presently, Takeshi Nishimoto lives in Berlin, where I´m Not A Gun´s origin of releases – City Centre Offices – is located in the district Berlin-Mitte. He had also been living in Fukuoka.

Lem´s real name is Tanaka Goro. During the prosperous times of guitar pop he has shouldered the neo-acoustic scene with his project American Girl. At present with the name Lem he is managing to be a producer concentrating on electronic sounds. He was part of the imprint Finder Pop Label, where the tribute to Galaxie 500 had been released before, and he has produced several tracks for compilations, and Cassette Vision, a label affiliate to Finder Pop, led to releasing his original album Put A Lem In Your Pocket. Presently, he is also a Fukuoka resident artist.

Together with the head of this project, Kashiwa Daisuke – also a Fukuoka resident – the label onpa))))) which is making history in Berlin has selected one more artist to be part of this project: Jean-Michel. The listeners of onpa)))))´s work might already know of Jean-Michel´s existence. His peculiar unique aesthetic sense of sound and flowing dance tracks are rapidly spreading in Berlin and certainly in the world. Until now, remixes have been exchanged reciprocally for onpa)))))´s 12” releases by Kashiwa Daisuke (Deepblue), and Jean-Michel (Das ist der Sommer), thus it is natural to have this kind participation of artists as a consequence from the experience made of compiling such releases. Jean-Michel has released his Bersarinplatz Mix for Björk on Onpa, along with another tune (RTFM) in March.”