String Quartets

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Violin was Milan Knizak’s first instrument. He has composed hundred of works of this ilk. The first one DHK, 45 years ago. Next to his destroyed works, Milan took notations of different composers, cut them and put them together (with his own score) into a collage, expressing his feelings and his apprehension of music.

‘I am aware that the majority of my compositions are technically challenging, since I employ uncommon intervals, so as to make the musicians think in a different, novel way and to produce different colours in the “classical” passages too. If the instruments were arrayed “beneath one another”, simple melodies may come across as boring. In the case of interval skips, whereby I count with a certain fuzziness, even falseness of tones, music is far more colourful.
I don’t care who would perform my pieces, as long as they are solid musicians. I think I have written them in such a manner that they should not forfeit energy even when someone is not familiar with the modern playing principles, only their effect would somewhat shift. And I really don’t mind any shift. One of my friends said that this music of mine is not similar to anything. I would like to add that it is similar to everything. Perhaps both are true.’ Milan Knizak, April 2018
Performed by fama Q.”

A1. DHK Quartet (1973) 9:38
A2. Dubai, Australia, Tallin (1992-2009) 13:25
B1. Irritating Lullaby (2008) 5:49
B2. Slightly Mouring Spring Morning (2008) 20:36