Love Is My Motor

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“Throughout the many years that ILIOS is active, the man is a little mystery for me. Having never met him is not it (he isn’t the only one I never met), but his work is a bigger mystery. For his new work, with the strange title ‘Love Is My Motor’, he uses field recordings from Lima, London, Santander, Santiago and Asuncion, although it’s hard to tell what those field recordings consist of. Wind recordings? Rain? It’s all highly and heavily processed through the computer. Nikos Veliotis plays a bit of cello on ‘The Sight Of You Leaves Me Weak’ (all of the track titles show us a man deeply in love). Divided in eight pieces this is yet another strong piece, but hermetically closed (what is the relation between the music and the titles for instance?). Dark, moody, but very much along the lines of especially Francisco Lopez, but also M. Behrens and Roel Meelkop, Ilios leaves me once again puzzled behind. Perhaps I should just undergo this music, not look at the cover and play this at a somewhat louder volume and let the whole thing come through. Perhaps there is just nothing to understand and it’s all about beauty.” (FdW – Vital Weekly)