Irregular Pattern Decay

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“With a limited European release, this latest album from Hansen was exclusively produced for the Japanese market.

Following a different path to the glorious ‘Terminal Velocity’, ‘Irregular Pattern Delay’ subtly grabs the listener through a more experimental approach than its older brother. More emphasis has been placed on sparse drones, reverberated electronics and fluttering delays (as per the album title) that gently throb and whir throughout.

As a whole this album sees Hansen display a degree of variation to his output, rather than merely relying on previous formulas of Dark Ambient and expansive pad work. Whilst I do prefer other output, this album is a strong affair overall, that approaches the listener from a different tack; whilst not being so obscure as to hinder that listening experience, through it’s peculiarities and obscure overtones that keeps the listener on their toes.”

1. Grime Buildup
2. Matrix Study
3. Non-uniform Drift
4. Concentric Circuits
5. Irregular Pattern Decay
6. Metric Poetry