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“For some years now, or maybe even longer than we can remember there is Ilios, the Greek man in Barcelona, who has produced a nice body of work, mainly released on his own Antifrost label. He also plays live concerts, so he’s not a total obscure composer. Part of his sound work is made for a dance company called YELP, which started out as a disagreement upon the collaborative process in 2001. They still disagree for seven years, which now is closed with the full agreement on the release of this CD, compiling works from nine different dances. It’s a mighty varied and strange collection of music (of course one would love to see the dance moves). First of all tracks are quite short, up until the last piece ‘In Silence’ which lasts about nineteen minutes. Some of these pieces have the microsound approach of deep sonic rumbling such as ‘Carbon Copy’ (leading to highly processed muzak in the final part thereof), but there is also the CD skipping of ‘The Stitch’ (most of these pieces have actually more parts) and some sort of musique concrete like work with contact microphones. As said a strange CD, this one. The highly varied whole, backed with a length of over seventy minutes, doesn’t make this an easy to digest release. It lacks a certain homogeneity that was present in his recent releases and it is best enjoyed when taken in a few tracks (or rather one piece/a few tracks) per time. The total absence of seeing the dance certainly doesn’t help. Here a DVD release would have been much welcomed.” (FdW – Vital Weekly)