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“Chdh’s work is based on a symbiosis between sound and image. Between minimalism and industrial, chdh creates a single, cold but organic universe.
Thanks to the use of mathematical algorithms and physical models, chdh brings a new vision on the practice of data-processing tools in digital creation. The use of audio-visual objects, having a sound and a video component controlled by the same parameters allows an effective management of the relations between the two medias.
This project evokes a virtual world, made up with more or less autonomous abstract creatures. The aesthetics of the video and the sound is minimalist: sines, diracs and noises interact with cubes, spheres and other primitive in 3D on a black and white visual environment.
Vivarium is an audio/video DVD project based on chdh’s performance work. Vivarium’s goal is to switch from a live expression form to written and composed pieces. This project is based on the years of work already provided by chdh, and on the experience due to the performances they’ve done in France and Europe.”

1. Adaptation 7:15
2. Convulsions 5:52
3. Mutation 3:41
4. Parade 6:43
5. Replis 8:16
6. Ondoiement 10:03