Whistling About Chickens

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Note: The grey print has run a bit onto the white cover of all our copies (but the cover itself is in good condition).

“Long overdue for sure! The FIRE.inc. staff are proud to present this double disc release featuring unreleased h3o material which has been in the works for the last seven years. First rumour around this release started round about seven years ago, and due to (hundreds) of unforeseeable reasons it kept being delayed but finally sees the light of day.
This release marks a new start of a bundle of h3o releases around the globe in the near future after a few years of less intense activity, and is by far more developed that anything the h3o has released to date. Comes in a deluxe embossed paper wallet cover with 24 page booklet.”

CD1. The Whole Hog, Including The Postage
1. Flying Into The Mouth 3:14
2. White Line In Front 2:48
3. Without Hat Location 1:55
4. Gesticulation Of Elbows 1:39
5. One Other Vantage Point 7:26
6. Restriction Of Movement 5:50
7. Of Ornithological Cowardice 12:41
8. Unable To Traverse The Fence 6:45
9. Illegal Admiration And Contemplation 2:37
10. Marvellous Vitality 21:37
11. Another Kind Of Swallow 1:40
CD2. Arguing With Pigs About The Quality Of Oranges 33:57
1. What I Know, And You Don’t
2. What You Know, And I Don’t
3. What Neither Of Us Knows