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“Harddisko (2004) is an orchestra of sixteen computer hard disk drives. Rhythmic noises evolve from the hard drives, which are orchestrated by simple ON/OFF-power circuits. By cutting the hard disk’s power in varying sequences and amplifying the sound characteristics of each drive, an acoustic interplay is taking place. After the harddrive’s casing has been removed, a sound pickup for electromagnetic fields is mounted on the drive’s reading head controller. As soon as a disk receives power, it conducts an initialization procedure with the reading head moving in a specific pattern. These patterns vary throughout different manufacturers, models, production years, firmware versions and the hard disk’s history.

About the record:
Live-recordings of Harddisko: 16 computer harddrives on power. Superreal computer music. Upon powering, each harddrive moves with its own speed and pattern, as directed by the firmware and mechanical constitution. Electromagnetic emissions picked up as acoustic signal reveal its specific tone. In various formations, the harddrives perform according to their past usage and current state.”