The Archive Files 2001-2009

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“electrocore_indonesia is a sound research project developed by Venzha Christ, one of several experimental activities at the HONF Foundation and v.u.f.o.c lab.

The works by electrocore_indonesia on this vinyl recording are an archive made up of selections chosen by artkillart.

The nine works here are real time sound fields, each the result of clandestine documentation, public performance, or research and experimentation over a ten year span from 2000 to 2009.

Two important themes are conveyed in this collection:
1. electrocore_indonesia presents an illegal system of producing an artistic concept. He does this by hacking a place, situation, or network.
2. electrocore_indonesia has never created a sound or tonal composition himself. Instead, he simply witnessed something existing for a long time and already “apparent,” something that could already be heard, seen, or felt.”