Points, Lignes Avec Haut-Parleur

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“Points, Lignes Avec Haut-Parleurs (Points, Lines With Speakers) is Very freely inspired by theoretical papers of Wassily Kandinsky on the grammar of forms and colours. Malévitch, Mondrian, Suprematism And Constructivism also serve as sources of inspiration. Each loudspeaker is a point which contains lines, points, masses, textures, volumes, plans, rhythms, colours… By interacting with each other, the sound material evokes more the visual arts than music. The 10 titles of Points, Lignes Avec Haut-Parleurs have been composed for four loudspeakers installed on a straight line. It is recommended to listen to the audio dvd by positioning your speakers on one line. The Listening of the cd is to be made In conventional stereo.”