In Transmediale

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“Angel is the collaborative project of DIRK DRESSELHAUS (commonly known as Schneider TM) and ILPO VISNEN (1/2 of Pan Sonic). In Transmediale Angel, supported on cello by Hildur Gudnadottir, get in sync for a single unbroken journey into Drone Noise. This CD, recorded live at the Club Transmediale, Berlin in February 2004, is an intriguing introspection of the minds of some of the most interesting noise activists these days.
Ilpo Visnen is one half of the Finnish duo Pan Sonic. He is also recording under the moniker Piiri. An infernal composer, his compositions are significant contributions to the research of experimental sounds. He has played with many artists aside of Mika Vainio: Alan Vega, Bruce Gilbert, CM Von Hausswolff, Erkki Kurenniemi and John Duncan.
Dirk Dresselhaus, Afer the Hip Young Things which ended in 1997, Dirk, aka Schneider, has been an active member of the bands Locust Fudge, Pancake, Dr. Drek and over all Schneider TM, his most elegant electro-acoustic project. He also founded the intriguing duo Mr. Schmuck’s Farm, an instrumental electro-acoustic freeform project together with cellist Hildur Gudnadottir from Iceland, who sometimes joins the drone-outfit of Angel.
Hildur Gudnadottir. Icelandic “angel” and cello player, she collaborated with most of the well known outfits coming out from this isolated country. She is part of the Kitchen Motors collective along with internationally renowned composer Johann Johannsson. In 2004, after a few gigs with Angel, an album with Schneider, she played live for the first time with Pan Sonic, and collaborated on the last album of the duo.”