Labo MTL

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Labo MTL has been produced by three astounding performers, 2 from Montreal, one from the UK, while in residency at Radio-Canada. Labo MTL is a project curated by Hélène Prévost for Navire Night.
Final edit by Martin Tétreault and Eric Mattson, deeply accepted by all Martin Tétreault : turntables, small electronics is well know both for his astounding solos of turntables and electronics but also for his collaborative projects (Otomo Yoshihide, Kevin Drumm, René Lussier, Diane Labrosse, Ikue Mori, Janek Schaefer, Philip Jeck, ErikM).

Léon Lo : violin and effect ( is the subtle producer of Montreal Natacha’s recording, which focuses on bridging a search for beauty with a strong appeal for electricity streams.

Kaffe Matthews : electronics ( Her dedication to electronic music and to improvisation brings her name to the forefront of the genre. She is part of the big band MIMEO and has played with an enormous amount of composers, amongst whom the two above were for sure some of the favourites.