The Rapture Of Being Destroyed Is The Flipside Of The Misery Of Destruction

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“Harrowing avant-folk guitar and vocals. Comparable to Kan Mikami and Kazuki Tomokawa but starker and more confrontational.”
因幡修次 – 壊される悦びは壊す哀しみの裏側

Recorded live at Five Pennies, Tottori on May 3, 2003. Mixed and mastered at Planktone Studios. Includes an insert of lyrics in Japanese and English.

Translated tracklist:
1. To a corpse
2. Modern terrorism
3. Afterimage of an echo – Hiroshima
4. Uranium 235
5. Let’s play
6. Slave flower
7. The mimosa has bloomed
8. The day the giant sequoia awoke from its two thousand year sleep – Dancing Mushimaru, look up to the blue sky