Brombron 05

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In the year 2000 Staalplaat and Extrapool started the Brombron project. Two or more musicians become artists in residence in Extrapool, an arts initiative in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, with a fully equipped sound recording studio. These artists can work in a certain amount of time on a collaborative project; a project they always wished to do, but didn’t have the time or the equipment to realize. Previous releases were by Main & Antenne Farm, Ekkehard Ehlers & Stephan Mathieu and Heimir Björgúlfsson and Jonas (all three still available). Brombron 03 by Roel Meelkop and Tore Boe will be released later this year.

‘Bek’ brings together Dutch vocal artist Jaap Blonk and dutch techno musician Radboud Mens. Jaap is known from his two previous Staalplaat releases (‘Flux de Bouche’ and ‘Vocalor’) and recites sound poetry of his own writing, aswell as from others. He is also renowned as an improviser and has worked with almost everybody in that field. Radboud Mens is a trained visual artist, but is also a skilled audio engineer. In his techno based music he searches for the physical aspects of sound. Previously he had releases on Staalplaat (‘Sine’ is still, limited, available) and Audio.NL (who are about to release a second 12″ of his work in 2002).

In ‘Bek’ (dutch for ‘mouth’) all sound sources are derived from Jaap Blonk’s voice. He mimics techno rhythms, which were recorded by Radboud Mens. Together they created five distinctively different dance music pieces. There are five different approaches: techno, drum & bass, minimal techno and gabber. Upon playing this CD, the rhythms will grab and you won’t hardly notice the fact that this is voice based. Only upon close listening you will hear the difference between a 303 and Jaap’s voice.

The Brombron releases are packed in all carton sleeve which are developed and printed in Extrapool’s printing studio. Jewel case sized, but without any plastic or glue and most definitely non industry standard.