25 Years Of Kapotte Muziek

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“2009-2010 sees the celebration of twenty years of Kapotte Muziek, the first musical project of Frans de Waard. Expanded in 1993 with members Peter Duimelinks and in 1995 Roel Meelkop, this trio explores the world of micro electro-acoustic music, playing on waste found on the streets and with a fine addition of field recordings. Before 1993 Kapotte Muziek was largely known as a player in the field of industrial music and musique concrete. To celebrate their 25th anniversary they staged two nights, one at Extrapool in Nijmegen and one at Occi in Amsterdam and asked long term friends to pay homage. This CD is a compilation of ‘edited highlights’ from both nights, displaying a variety of interests, old and new:

Radboud Mens offers a piece of drone music using ‘three sinewave guitars’, DMDN, as guest DJ present, played old and new tapes and vinyl from the past twenty five years of Kapotte Muziek in a striking collage of industrial sounds. Howard Stelzer, known for his extensive use of cassettes, restricted solely to cassettes from the past, while Jos Smolders showed up with his laptop and reel-to-reel machine to incorporate even dance music like moves. Asra and Asmus Tietchens, as well as Kapotte Muziek, use detailled improvisation on a variety of junkyard instrumentation and real instruments. An excellent compilation showing a true love of sound exploration by all involved.

Overal design for posters and CD by Redbol.”

1. Radboud Mens Music For 3 Sinewave Driven Guitars 10:01
2. Kapotte Muziek 109110 12:04
3. DMDN Kapotte Mix 10:16
4. Asmus Tietchens Serenading KM 8:26
5. Asra ··· Vivant ··· 5:28
6. Howard Stelzer Irisis And Silver 8:53
7. Jos Smolders Concert For Kapmuchea 10:48