An Anthology Of Noise And Electronic Music #1

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“This is the great beginning of a vast anthology of “noise and electronic music” that we plan for the following years in 7 double volumes. This volume begins in the 1920s, with the Russolo brothers, and looks at each decade in turn – Varèse, Cage, Schaeffer, Xenakis, the great pioneers – the first traces of a music that was necessarily revolutionary: electronic music, created from nothing (and hence to be entirely invented). Some pieces on these CDs are certainly classics, but there are others, which, though old, were distributed informally or never even released. Our more contemporary pieces are, wherever possible, previously unreleased. Our more contemporary pieces are, wherever possible, previously unreleased. in fact, more than the half of what we listen here is unreleased and unpublished.

The gathering of eclectic noise makers
Whereas composers like Stockhausen, Berio or Pousseur had come from serialism and began making electronic music as a continuation of their work with traditional instruments, others such as Boehmer or Oliveros composed right away on electronic bases; there were those who invented new methods, like Schaeffer and concrete music, others were outsiders, revolutionaries or visionaries like Xenakis or Cage, without forgetting the branch of sound derived from dada, the complex forms of free jazz, John Coltrane, the acoustic and electronic improvisation scene, rock of the alternative, psychedelic and industrial varieties, the German wave of the 1970s, the last generation of electronic musicians from the beginning or middle of the 1990s, DJ, reinventors of drones, painters or sculptors using sound, and process or software creators. The noise goes on…”

1. Luigi Russolo & Antonio Russolo Corale 1:57 / 1921
2. Walter Ruttmann Wochende 11:17 / 1930
3. Pierre Schaeffer Cinq études de bruits: étude violette 3:18 / 1948
4. Henri Pousseur Scambi 6:27 / 1957
5. Gordon Mumma The Dresden Interleaf 13 February 1945 12:43 / 1965
6. Angus MacLise, Tony Conrad & John Cale Trance #2 5:07 / 1965
7. Philip Jeck, Otomo Yoshihide & Martin Tétreault Untitled #1 6:06 / 2000
8. Survival Research Laboratories October 24, 1992 Graz, Austria 6:11 / 1992
9. Einstürzende Neubauten Ragout: Küchen Rezept Von Einstürzende Neubauten 4:08 / 1998
10. Konrad Boehmer Aspekt 15:13 / 1966
11. Nam June Paik Hommage à John Cage 4:13 / 1958
12. John Cage Rozart mix 7:18 / 1965
13. Sonic Youth Audience 6:00 / 1983
14. Edgard Varèse Poème électronique 8:00 / 1958
15. Iannis Xenakis Concret PH 4:40 / 1958
16. DJ Spooky That Subliminal Kid FTP > Bundle / Conduit 23 8:07 / 2001
17. Pauline Oliveros A little noise in the system (Moog System) 30:16 / 1966
18. Ryoji Ikeda One minute 1:00 / 1997