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“Atone is one of those solo adventures : in fact, it is his most personal one. In spring 2004, Antoine Monzonis-Calvet released Un Jour EP (« A Day EP ») on Autres Directions In Music, 5 tracks that meant a lot and got critical acclaim. A year later, the track ’Qobac Sine’ (from Un Jour EP) was re-released on Various Artists – Cottage Industries 4, Meadow by the English label Neo Ouija. The smart music of Atone was here associated with that of today’s most interesting upcomers in electronic ambient music (Julien Neto, Praveen, Xela ,Cepia, Maps + Diagrams…).

Un An LP (« A Year LP ») was written over a year, each track being closely related to an event in the life of its creator. This utterly mastered first album is built around a unique frame, where the acoustics of an accordion, of a voice, of a piano or of drums, are combined with pulses & textures of chiselled sounds. Above all, the melodica is the backbone of Un An LP. Atone’s world constantly refers to itself, conveying the image of an indestructible unity, of a singular & unique whole. Imposing, harmonious. However, its evocative perfume carries us, as the music goes by… Like an immense and majestic river.

A Day then. Followed by A Year. The time of departure has come. Discover a text & frame which are unique – and embark on a marvellous introspective journey recommended for fans of Cliff Martinez, Colleen, Brian Eno, Aphex Twin, Jules Verne.”