Red Sugar

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“Second long awaited album by duo Ruth Rosenthal and Xavier Klaine, then based in Brooklyn.
A rare and unique audio worldview expressed by the singular approach of Ruth Rosenthal (voice) and Xavier Klaine (harmonium, organ etc..).
From the first bares of Searching Donkeys this new album creates a glowering and intense atmospheric…part nightmare, part uplifting dreamscape. It permeates and builds into a compelling whole. A reference point might be some of the output of Constellation records – indeed GYBEs Norsola Johnson plays on this record.
However it is doubtful whether any of those artists ever produced anything to match the taut tension of the title track Red Sugar. An hymn to absence. The ambition of Winter Family is evident on the expansive, orchestral epic dancing in the sun. Crank your speakers, sit back and open your mind. It WILL blow you away.”

1. Searching Donkeys 3:50
2. Red Sugar 8:24
3. Come 4:28
4. Dancing In The Sun 13:36
5. Indigo Sky 3:39
6. DeadEnd 2:07
7. Tea And Lies With Theodor 13:01
8. Shooting Stars 5:35
9. Omaha 3:23
10. Brothers 4:50
11. Y 4:50
12. A Day 3:52