Philip Samartzis Mort Aux Vaches

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“Philip Samartzis is a Melbourne based composer with a long history in experimental sound production and performance. He formed Gum in 1986 with Andrew Curtis releasing several albums and singles independently and through Korm Plastics (NL) and RRR Records (USA). Since 1995 he has primarily worked solo, releasing Residue (1998) & Windmills Bordered By Nothingness (1999) through Dorobo (Aust), both of which highlight his explorations in recording and processing acoustic and spatial environments through digital technologies. More recently Samartzis has extended his studio-based techniques to incorporate live performance working both solo and in collaboration. Over the last two years he has performed with Kozo Inada, Gunter Muller, KK Null, Sachiko M, Voice Crack & Seiichi Yamamoto. An upcoming release in the Mort Aux Vaches series released by Staalplaat (NL) contains elements of these collaborative and solo performances. Samartzis is also responsible for curating Variable Resistance: Ten hours of sound from Australia, a contemporary survey of Australian sound culture, presented at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art in 2002, and the Transmediale Festival in Berlin in 2003.”