Jodi Cave Mort Aux Vaches

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“You meet someone and at first you are surprised by this person who seems odd, and perhaps even take aback. However, as you get to know this person, you begin to discover intriguing qualities and a subtle beauty emerges not immediately evident. Then, before you know it, the beginnings of a crush. Such is the latest Mort Aux Vaches session by electro-acoustic artist, Jodi Cave. This two-part 42 minute session opens with high pitched tones like a ringing of the ears and arcs to an almost unbearable intensity. After a few moments the tone dips from its arc and swerves, shifts, and undulates almost like a living entity. Soon, this tone is joined with reverberating tones, metallic screeches and shrill whistles that interplay with one another like fireflies in a field. As the first track un-spools, tones become drones that ripple and undulate along a vast sonic fabric. Listening to drones are not unlike staring off into a vast billowing cloud where if you stare long enough, shapes and forms materialize. Similarly, listen long enough and fragments of melody and emotional overtone struggle through the din, or is it just your imagination? The first track gives you 26 minutes to figure that out. The second track has a more subterranean feel; saturated in reverb these tones seem to resonate within some vast, cavernous space. Odd sounds like metallic scrapes off a stone surface evoke the mental image of a dragon scales across a dungeon. Other moments convey urban settings, as if culled from the cacophony of public transit, underground tube trains. Such is the wealth that can be drawn from this array of shifting textures that exist throughout this lovely work. Those who appreciate the deep listening artistry of Phil Niblock, Pauline Oliveros, and the more subtle works of Tim Hecker, will definitely enjoy this Mort Aux Vaches session by Jodi Cave. Not exactly an emerging artist, Cave’s work first surfaced on compilations in 2006 along with an acclaimed debut full length, For Myria, that same year of Taylor Deupree’s excellent 12K label. This disc is nestled withing textured sci-fi packaging, oddly fitting for a future drone star.”