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Bridging the gap in time and sound between the debut self titled release on ERS Records (ERS003) and the recent release of Saxmower (JDK Productions), Formation (Staalplaat label) builds on the tuned listening characteristic of 87 Central’s no-input mixer work as its foundation while increasingly incorporating varied sound materials.

Formation presents seven vector components coming from different origins and arriving into a singular sound space of evolving organic sonic life cycles. These systems exhibit growth and decomposition of layered feedback, computer processes and sample manipulations around concrete sound material.

Fragments of tangible experience set the listener on a trajectory through a soundscape of impressionistic imagery punctuated by clearly indexed natural detail. Using environmental recordings and electronics, these tracks present more than the directness of documentary field recordings and recreate experiences of active listening: the warning beacon on a jetty in the North Sea during a winter night as container ships arrive in port; the intensity and activity of crackling rhythms and the continuous energy of fire; and the night life of an urban power plant in the heat of summer.