Novi Sad Mort Aux Vaches

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“From the somewhat forty-five minutes this new discs last, about eight minutes are totally silent. Since putting an excerpt of this in the Vital Weekly podcast, I have to transfer it to my computer and normalized (meaning make it zero DB) and noticed there is also actually music in there. Odd, why should it be so incredibly silent? If you would turn up your volume all the way up in those parts (three minutes at the beginning and five at the end) it would mean ripping your speakers apart in the middle part, when things become so much louder. A Lopezian take on dynamics, perhaps? Since this was recorded for a radio broadcast I am pretty sure these minutes were not broadcasted. Novi Sad from Greece is the youngest ‘star’ on the scene of microsonic, field recording and laptop artists, with a considerable profile, playing for instance the Gaudemus music week here in The Netherlands (who hardly invite would invite a like minded Dutch artist I’d say) and works for Touch. And quite rightly so: what Novi Sad does, might not be entirely new (but then: who does?), but what he does he does with some excellence. Following his silent intro, there is an outburst of sea wave like noise sound for a while, which forms the absolute counterpoint of the silent intro. The middle part – of the part that actually can be heard – is a sort of organ like drone piece and in the closing part, the organ and the seaside meet up and make a brutal return of cascading sound. Before we leap into silence again, the organ makes the final fade out. Its microsonic in that respect that the changes in this piece are as minimal as they come, whereas the sound has a maximum output – when there is something to be heard of course. In that respect Novi Sad is not microsound at all: the music is loud and abrasive. A really great work, which brings a lot of delight here. Loud, soft, silence, noise, its all there and all brought with elegance and style. Excellent package also.” (FdW)