Document 03: Diffuse

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Post Industrial label formerly run by Darrin Verhagen.

“Produced in 2001, the compilation Document 03: Diffuse regroups tracks from a number of graduates from the Media Arts department of the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (Australia). In order to depart from the first volumes in the series (Trance Tribal and Sine), the theme for this CD focused on the soft-spoken, the minimal, the depopulated. The resulting music frequently jumps over the (theoretical) border between academic electro-acoustics and lowercase, glitch, and isolationist electronics. Some attempts fall short, like Troy Allan’s three short pieces and 24k’s “__,” but successful tracks are aplenty. Annie Reynolds’ “As” follows more traditional acousmatic guidelines but shows promise. “Pnc” by Thembi Soddell, “Ether” by Sianna Lee, and most of “Restraint” by Camilla Hannan are great examples of evocative, questioning, tortured electro-acoustic art. The latter, with its breathing sounds and snippets of army training chants, is especially disquieting. G_S’s “Outside” take the disc into deeper glitch territory, showing a sensitive touch inspired by Fennesz. It is hard to get excited about a CD like this one: The music glides on at an almost sub-hearing level, often seemingly uneventful. Its strength lies in the fact that all tracks hold very well together, making for an enjoyable hour of discoveries — if one likes this kind of minimal, abstract electronica of course.”

1. Troy Allan – 103 1:03
2. Thembi Soddell – Pnc 4:24
3. Andie Reynolds – As 4:26
4. Bruce Mowson – &ie 2:30
5. Camilla Hannan – Restraint 9:06
6. G_S – Outside 6:59
7. James Cecil – Siren 9:23
8. Sienna Lee – Ether 3:02
9. Troy Allan – 119 1:19
10. Phillip Pietruschka – Dissolve 2:26
11. Troy Allan – 057 0:57
12. 24k – ___ 3:16
13. Haima – Tile 3:02