Sinister History Volume 1 Chapter 2

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“”VENOM is killing music… HELLHAMMER is killing VENOM… MOSS killed HELLHAMMER”
Onward in the cave! The second chapter of exposing necrolatrian relics is here…
Stretching the extreme attributes of doom, MOSS has disclosed some of the most oppressive, demoralizing and ghastly music.
Macrocosmic caveman crust? Still-born funeral doom? MOSS is true, raw and fucked up!

– “tomb”, originally released on v/a HUMANLESS CD, 2003
– “beyond despair”, originally released on v/a DREAMS… OF WHAT LIFE COULD HAVE BEEN CD, 2004
– “crawl”, unreleased- originally planned for a split 7″ with DISCLOSE through FUCK YOGA/ SUPERFI, 2005

Record insert features an interview conducted for TEMPLE OF ADORATION zine in 2004.”

A1. Doom 15:12
B1. Beyond Despair 12:14
B2. Crawl 6:03