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“Dadaisme is a project of Valerii Shevchenko, Russian musician and social theorist based in Moscow. His artistic work is informed with certain aspects of dadaist worldview – its socially provocative character which in his case in invisible, non-destructive nihilism and contingency as an artistic method. He makes music of different kinds which might be gathered under the umbrella term “experimental electronic” and addresses social and cultural problems in his art.
“WIR” concerns the twofold idea. Firstly, it critiques the instrumental appropriation of this proverb by political elites and governments which use it for translation of cultural codes, social norms and values beneficial for them. From mobilization of citizens to identity control “we” might serve as an instrument of manipulation. Secondly, the idea of “WIR” is to reverse-engineer the concept of “we” and to show that the social origin of its referent is a small social group and, more specifically, certain kinds of social ties between members of that group, namely love and friendship, as I believe. “We” designates the primordial social bond which might be opposed to “we” of a state.
The title and the cover artwork of the album are designed to illustrate this opposition. They refer to extreme historical points of use of this pronoun by totalitarian states of XX century. “Worker and kolkhoz woman” is reimagined to represent not the symbols of the state values – a sickle and a hammer as referring to a utopian labour state – which are imposed and necessary for everyone but the volunteer unity of people in small groups and those primordial social ties – love and friendship.
“WIR” then is a soundtrack for such volunteer social unity of people.

Black or Plain Wood Box: Limited handmade Cassette Edition The wood box is covered with Black 2.0. „BLACK 2.0 – The world’s mattest, flattest, black art material by Stuart Semple” or in plain wood colour.”

A1. wir I 3:02
A2. wir II 8:49
A3. wir III 16:23
B1. wir IV 3:02
B2. wir V 10:56
B3. wir VI 14:03