Paragraphs And Principles

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For this new album “Paragraphs and Principles”, Officer! is Mick Hobbs, Felix Fiedorowicz and Bill Gilonis alongside a stunning line-up of 30 performers from 8 countries. No one knows quite how this project came about – it’s almost an international conspiracy, and certainly a closely guarded secret. We hope only that upon their unleashing, these fierce new sounds may be heard by as many ears as possible.
Limited edition of 300 copies.

Performed by:
Xentos Fray Bentos Andy Bole
Alison Craig
Mary Currie
Luc Debouk
Felix Fiedorowicz Bill Gilonis
Teresa Hackel Nuala Hamilton Ben Hobbs
Mick Hobbs Kwettap leuw Salvatore lovino Catherine Jauniaux David Kerman Jeffrey McGrath Roger Nickl
Jared Paolini
Alig Pearce
Flavio Rohner Stephen Santillan Simon Sigrist Flavio Spirgi
Joey Stack
Daniel Studer Jeroen Visser Hannah Weh
Rick Wilson
Sophie Wolf
Lilian Zihlmann

A1. Three Rules And Eight Points 2:51
A2. Two Paragraphs 4:20
A3. The Song Of Ruthless Criticism 2:09
A4. The Song About Navigation 2:57
A5. The Croppy Boy 4:02
B1. Moscow Nights 3:30
B2. Make The Past Serve The Present 3:37
B3. Winter Potato #3 4:49
B4. The Telephone Song 1:58
B5. The East Is Red 3:07
C1. Fish And Ships 1:49
C2. Albania, My Dear Comrade And Brother 4:08
C3. Unintended Music For Ensemble 9:41
C4. Red Flag Prelude 3:48