Egg Booty

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“Eggs are much like turds. With one big difference. Eggs have shells. The purpose of the shell is to protect the insides while it is being delivered to the world. The delivery of turds requires much less pomp and ceremony. These Bobuckian eggs do not have shells. They have shall and a bit of should. They pretend to be songs but have forgotten what the modern definition of that word is, concentrating only on what that definition could be. Could be. Should be. Could’a should’a. Bobuck’s Egg Booty.” Over the past few months, former Residents composer Charles Bobuck has released several Tiny Tunes through his website, newsletter and as free giveaways for holidays. We are now happy to present you the secondcollection of these songs on CD. Eggs Booty collects 17 of these tunes, perfect little pop songs about important and unimportant things, with playful joy or rather melancholy. All songs composed and performed by Bobuck, and yes, all vocals, too.

So a few of my favourite moments come in the form of the opening track About it, which is a sinister-to-slyly swinging blend of creepy n angular blues guitar wonderings, wailing dramatic female vocals, occasional big beats, oh and seagull field recordings. The brooding and unsettling Thanksgiving In Bed – with Foxs weedy and unsettling voice talking about a bizarre Donald Trump related dream, over a shifting mixing of a dusky taut, pared backbeats, wailing textures, and eerier wondering piano plods which suddenly burst into of angular funk-pop. The swaying and off-centre groove of Old man Lies – which brings together sampled piano stabs, unwell techno-meets-world music synth horn and beat work, and Foxs wavering singing voice chanting the tracks title over and over. The just over minute and a half unease of Sneak – with its building synth choppiness and wondering piano strikes, and weedy/creepy vocals from Fox talking about sneaking around.” (Musique Machine, February 2018)

1. About it
2. Fast
3. Sun
4. Trump needs a Cat
5. Macth
6. Thanksgiving in Bed
7. Trump
8. Rubber
9. Old Man Lies
10. New Year
11. Knee
12. Flesh Christmas
13. Dear
14. Rock
15. Sneak
16. Spike
17. Wall