Nervous Politics

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The artist Stan Back disappeared some years ago in Costa Rica. The American cultural scholar Jules Beauregard found the documents published here on the artist’s laptop – texts, photographs, drawings, music recordings and videos. The material annotated with editorial remarks was apparently meant to be published.
In a cross-medial fashion a story unfolds. The existential entwinement of the artist-subject in efficiency-thinking dominated by market logic, image and label politics is currently determining work in the field of art on a global scale. Put under pressure, artists are sacrificing their knowledge to career calculations. The consequence of this »nervous politics« can most likely only be to disappear.
If one listens to the poetic beat of the sounds and texts, and thus of the entire narration merely as the liner notes of Stan Back’s music albums »nervous politics« and »The Ups & Downs of a Hermeneutical Transvestite« (2011), an inextricable dissonance arises: It eludes a catchy PR rhetoric. The album contradicts conventional commodity aesthetics in that these liner notes perform a strategic maximization of complexity.
Stan Back’s bustling life represents a socio-critical approach that grasps the strong commercialization of art and culture since the year 2000 as an abolishment of artistic freedom. He felt extreme discomfort on account of his own untimeliness. Neoliberal complacency drove Stan Back into the post-hysterical heart of darkness.

With completion of our vinyl 10″-EP »nervous politics« the »Stan Back«-project – art, music, lyrical texts – has reached a decisive point. After months of hard work we are happy to present these four wonderful tracks for you to enjoy. The experimental electronic, read and played protest song between sonic rush and crystalline cultural analysis: electro gonzo at its best (Daniel Door).
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