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Satoshi Okamoto a.k.a sub-tle., the Berlin sound artist, right hand man of the late Klaus Dinger, is to release his second album entitled leam – his first for five years.

sub-tle. participated on Klaus’ posthumous work japandorf released April 2013, and in some ways this album continues and further explores themes developed in that process, culminating in an album which displays the depth of Satoshi’s talent and showcasing the skills of the wonderful range of his collaborators.
All tracks were produced by Andi Toma (Mouse on Mars) with guest vocals by Kazumi Nikaido (P-Vine) and Kyoka (onpa/Raster Noton).
Acoustic and organic, live and electronic sound take us into a world of subtle, delicate and beautiful melody bringing a desolate feeling that lingers…

The opening track of the album: æ features Kyoka’s innocently floating voice. Kazumi’s vocals appears on track 6 release and track 9 part two – which sounds like a gentle breeze with a phantasmagoric tone. Track 7: mind state of is reminiscent of Conny Plank’s Neue Deutsche Welle works, a feel that extends across 12 tracks on the album.

Andi’s production shows how he has sublimated his life long avant-garde style into the work – which could be seen as masterpiece to stand alongside Elpmas, his work with Moondog.
Also appearing alongside Satoshi Okamoto is contemporary classical music ensemble, Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop from Berlin, renowned conductor André de Ridder on violin, and Tony Cousins, mastering engineer for David Sylvian, Massive Attack, Peter Gabriel, Adele etc.

‘a beautiful journey through landscapes both abstract and musical. you can find references to American minimalism, epic song mutations like van dykes parks, ghibli soundtracks, free folk, experimental electronica and yea, pop music. an outstanding masterpiece of contemporary music production without being pretentious or ambitious, skilfully arranged and produced with subtlety. it’s actually just: great.’ – Jan Werner (Mouse On Mars)”