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“Klangkörper is an album dedicated to sounding bodies, feedback, resonance, tuning and beatings.

All sounds in Klangkörper were generated by feedback loops through a mixing desk that were diffused and spatialized using various „sounding bodies“, resonating objects and (transducer) speakers giving the sometimes harsh or clean electronic sound some sort of physicality or „body“.

Amongst the bodies used were: two sculptures by artist Nina Emge, various metal objects found in thrift stores, cymbals, a snare, an upright piano and a multichannel speaker system.”

Limited edition of 40 copies (with download code).

All tracks written and performed by Pablo Ulises Lienhard, except „Klavierstück“ performed with assistance of Léa Christe.Recorded between April 13-15th 2021 at Dynamo, Zürich by Mirja Höchli and Pablo Ulises Lienhard.
Mixed by Varoujan Cheterian and Pablo Ulises Lienhard.
Mastering by Varoujan Cheterian.

Artwork by Nina Emge.
Graphic Design by Pablo Ulises Lienhard.