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“The actual recordings took place in Wrocław in the attic of Tranzystor studio during the period 3-5 December 2016 with the simultaneous usage of cassette Dictaphone, digital recorder and studio mixing console. Except for maraca and the choir part no overdubs were used. The first track is entirely based on the sample from the very beginning of the track that follows it.”

Oskar Carls – saxophone, cowbell
Hubert Kostkiewicz – guitar, tapes, voice
Jakub Majchrzak – bass, tapes, voice
Dawid Andrzej Bargenda – drums, maraca, voice

Special guest: Ewa Głowacka – voice

A1. Oury Jalloh
A2. Nagonka / The Hunt
A3. Mieć Ciastko I Zjeść Ciastko / You Can’t Have Your Cake And Eat It Too
B1. Eliminacje / Eliminations
B2. Triumf Niewoli / Triumph Of The Unwill
B3. Tańce Na Wulkanie / Dances On The Volcano