Smash, Clap!

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“Naftule’s Dream blends klezmer with rock and doesn’t forget to add some improvisation into their inspired mix. With the thrilling originals on Smash, Clap!, they course through a wide array of moods. Often wild and raucous, there are extraordinary solos; even during the opening tune, the piano takes virtuosic runs that would incite howls of cheering from a live audience. Upbeat and fun, in “Free Klez 3 & 4,” you hear a klezmer relative of the type of Raymond Scott tune that Carl Stalling adapted for Looney Tunes’ chase scenes, immediately followed by a spy-theme klezmer with a harder groove (“Speed Klez”). The brilliant musicians of Naftule’s Dream throw a tightly constructed, dance-’til-you’re-breathless good time interspersed with just the right amount of wind-down breathers.”

1. Black Wedding 6:45
2. Yid In Seattle 4:21
3. Friends Of Kafka 5:32
4. The Aimless Path 3:37
5. Free Klez 1 & 2 3:24
6. Free Klez 3 & 4 7:25
7. Speed Klez 3:06
8. Something Is There 6:09
9. The Wanderer 9:34
10. Emperor Red 2:12
11. Yash The Chimney Sweep 4:27
12. Afterwards 5:16