The Thicket

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David Grubbs gets the Gast out on this, his very first popular music solo record. And if you can learn to level with the thicket, then you just might like this very likable record.

This is David Grubbs’ first solo album after the dissolution of the highly-regarded Gastr Del Sol, his partnership with Jim O’Rourke. All the good stuff he brought to that group is here in abundance: Zukofsky-esque poetics, hard minimalism, deft post-Appalachian banjo- and guitarsmanship from the main man, pop melodicism, punk attitude, wry humour and a squad of great fellow players including Josh Abrams, Jeb Bishop, Tony Conrad, Ernst Long Kirche, John McEntire and Mary Lass Stewart. This record has the power continually to surprise and divert.