Third Album, 三枚目のアルバムを試聴

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“The album was produced in tight collaboration with Yuichi Kishino and the sound was mixed by Yoshida Tetsuto in Tokyo. The musicians Noritaka Ubukata, Thiaz Itch, Internet2 and the drummer Johann Mazé also participated in the making of the album, as well Gangpol & Mit and Kimataka Matsumae who contributed with two remixes.

Our arrangements remain loyal to the note regarding the original Sonatas, taking on only a few structural liberties. Nevertheless, we truly applied ourselves in exploding the compositions in their verticality, creating dialogues between tens or hundreds of different kinds of sounds. This was, in my mind, the original idea of Scarlatti, tirelessly collecting the music which he heard daily in his life as a harpsichord teacher in the Spanish Court : Pastoral chants, profane melodies and dancing music. All of this comes together in an immense, motley and wide-eyed collage. A genuinely titanic work assembled on thousands of pages of music, to wit 555 sonatas, the equivalent of 34 compact discs.

The mix on which Yoshida Tetsuto worked aims to perfect this approach : sound layers, field breaks, everything that was once suggested in the original versions for harpsichord are rendered tangible. This at least is our interpretation. Which is one amongst many possible “exercises” as Scarlatti liked to call them.”