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“A carefully thought out, simple, clean but rich performance using really almost nothing, just a turntable, teach yourself foreign language LP’s, the impeccable timing of a percussionist, and an idea.

With the intense focus of a scientist fed up with pointless repetition, Pascal takes a scalpel to composition, improvisation and performance, and (with the most basic means) examines their sameness, and their miniscule but important differences. A riveting public dissection, his performances are, maybe you could say, allegories, in that an allegory (a symbolic representation of something else) builds away from itself, outwards, towards an idea. Totally non-literal, Pascal’s performances communicate the idea that improvisation and composition are harder to tell apart than you might think.

Pascal Le Gall is a “curious French percussionist of jazz and musical thinker. Composer of electroacoustic music for himself and the choreographer Bernardo Montet, he performed alone or with the musician Marc Baron”.”

Pascal Le Gall Electrophon Philips (6rpm), laptop.
Mastering Mathias Delplanque.
Photos Willy Durand.

Landscapes was mixed and recorded in the home-studio of Pascal Le Gall in Tours march 2016.