Hear! Hear! And Electroacoustic Works

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Born in Bandung, Indonesia in 1941. Studied percussion and theory of music at the Royal Conservatory in the Hague. Attended composition classes with Kees van Baaren and worked in the electronic studio supervised by Dick Raaymakers. On completion of his studies was invited to join the staff of the Conservatory to teach theoretical subjects. In the works of Roderik de Man electronics play a significant role. Although he divides his attention between purely instrumental and electronic works, he feels strongly attracted to the latter. The fascination of combining a live soloist or ensemble with an electronic counterpart is a great inspirational source to him. He always strives for an organic connection between the instrumental and electronically generated sounds, in the initial stage often inviting musicians to his studio to create a specific sample library for the new piece. In his view electronics can be used as a magnifying glass to discover hidden possibilities in the instrumental and/or vocal sounds and then as it were giving them back to the instruments as an equal counterpart.